Sites to Practice Writing

Obviously Facebook and Twitter are great places to practice writing and interacting with other people, if you stick to English.

  • Live Mocha is a place to find IM chat friends.
  • Live Journal is a great social blogging tool because it’s very easy to start a blog and make a friends page that has all your friends’ blogs.
  • Tumblr; is another blogging tool although if you want to practice writing, I’d focus more on the writing part, rather than the videos and images part.

Sites for Learning Vocabulary

Apps for Learning English

Some awesome apps for learning English on your phone

  • For Vocabulary

    • My Word Book is a vocabulary notebook on your iPhone, with a quiz mode. I love that it allows you to save not only the word and definition but also pictures, sentences and audio clips!
    • WordLayer which is a dictionary, but words are defined with pictures! Nice way to brush up on or review some vocabulary, though obviously not every word can be represented in a picture
  • For Grammar

    • Grammar in Use Apps with tests and exercises related to the awesome grammar books from Cambridge University Press. What I love about the books is that they do in fact present grammar IN USE, very close to how we talk. Well, how British people talk for the most part, init?
  • For Speaking

    • Speaking Pal is great for practicing pronunciation, but not much else. It provides fun, silly little dialogues. You listen and them perform one half of the dialogue. The app will only let you move on if it can understand you!