Causes of Happiness and Effects of Money

This is an awesome cause and effect article about the relationship between money and happiness. Note the details, the examples and the way the article tries to make it interesting by playing on our assumptions. A really great model of how to write good body paragraphs!

Don’t Indulge. Be Happy.

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Example Essay: Grammar

Learning a foreign language is a process which requires the development of multiple abilities such as writing, speaking, listening and reading. Most second language learners tend to develop one skill better than another. Other learners rank their skills for instance, in some South American countries second language students focus on their speaking and/or listening ability more than the others.

The idea of focusing on speaking probably comes from a cognitive theory which indicates that native speakers learn to speak before writing or studying grammar, therefore there is a large number of second language learners who consider that learning a foreign language should focus on speaking and/or writing more than grammar. Although there is still a debate about this theory, I personally believe learning grammar is as important as developing other skills when acquiring a second language.

Opponents of learning grammar claim that teaching grammar is unnecessary because there is hardly enough time on speaking. Even though some educators and learners agree with the previous statement, it is important to take into consideration one of the bases of cognitive learning to rebut that idea. According to Jean Piaget, one of the most important influences in Education and Psychology, the process of learning involves several stages which go from the essentials to the complex. In language learning one of the essentials abilities a student has to learn in order to get a good command of a foreign language is learning grammar. It is impossible to get a good command of speaking, one of the most complex stages, if learners do not have a good command of the basics: the grammar.

On the other hand, some language learners agree with the following statement: “writing is a representation of the speaking”; therefore, most of them consider that speaking is the “real language”. For that reason, they believe that it is only necessary to learn a small percentage of grammar in order to speak/write a foreign language fluently. However, opponents of grammar do not take into consideration that speaking is full of slangs and false grammar that cannot be used in academic and labor contexts. Consequently, learning proper grammar is not only essential to improve a foreign language but also to succeed in different personal areas.

The final argument advanced by opponents of learning grammar is that it is unnecessary to focus on grammar because native speakers do not use it correctly when they speak and write. Nevertheless, opponents do not take into consideration that speaking and writing imply the good command of grammar in order to improve it upon to get a better command of the language. What is more, a grammatical error could change the meaning and create a bad impression in daily situations.

It is evident that opponents of learning grammar do not have strong arguments because, as shown by my earlier arguments, it is obvious that grammar is important in itself and is critical for developing other language skills such as speaking, listening, writing and reading. Therefore, in order to get a perfect command of a foreign language, learning grammar should be considered essential in language acquisition.

Example Essay: Internet Dating

 In the last decade, the Internet has become a part of our life. More and more people use it for work, entertainment, and finding friends. Some people even meet their girlfriends/boyfriends through Internet. However, I can not agree with this way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends. In my opinion, it is not only a weird but also an unrealistic way.

 Some people may say that they can meet many people all from over the world and the Internet enlarges their social circles. I agree with this point when we talk about enlarging the social circle; but, why can it be right when we are talking about meeting girlfriends/boyfriends? How can I know the person whom I met on the Internet enough? Before I get together with my girlfriend, I need to know her characters, tempers, interests, and even the appearance. Therefore, we need to talk face-to-face and hang out for a while to start a wonderful love story.

 Besides, people who meet their girlfriends/boyfriends on the Internet always say that it is very fast and convenient. They can meet their lover without going out, and just need to spend some time in front of the computer. In fact, this kind of instant love seldom last long. In addition, I wonder the loyalty of the instant love through the Internet. For example, if it just takes few minutes to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend on the Internet; similarly, it is easier to meet another. Hence, I think it is not a good way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends for long-term relationships.

 Finally, many online dating websites, such as, have become more and more popular nowadays. They declare that the website can help you find the best match for you when typing some keywords just as hobby, height/weight, or skin color, etc. It seems very fancy and convenient. Nevertheless, I think that the most of people search by the appearance at the first time through the profile photos. It seems to encourage people to choose lovers by appearance instead of inside characteristics. Furthermore, how can I tell the truth of the profiles? According to many news reports, more and more frauds occur in the dating website. Some outlaws of the Internet criminals take advantages of people who misunderstand the coming true love, and cheat their money or even bodies. In other words, it is a high risk and an unsafe way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends on the Internet.

 In my opinion, I believe that only through face-to-face talking and hanging-out can I know the person enough to get along with. Although the Internet is convenient to meet people, it is unrealistic and unsafe for a long-term relationship. To sum up, it is not a good place to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Example Essay: Computers

If you want to know what the most important invention is in 20th century, I think all of people will tell you computer. Due to computer, our life style and work style has changed a lot. It makes the world develop faster than before. The first computer is ENIAC and it was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania and began construction in 1943 and was not completed until 1946 / Nowadays, computer is using in many areas, such as commercial, education, and daily life. It’s an indispensability part of our life. If you plan to buy a computer you should ask yourself use it to do what, which brand you like, and what kind of computer you want to buy.
What will you use your computer do is very important before you buy it you need to consider. There are many different computers and they are used in different area. Some computer use to work. For example, business man always use notebook computer to work and they can take it to everywhere. Due to small and light, it is easy to carry. So, you can take it to everywhere. Many young people use computer to play game. When they choose computer they must consider the performance because the performance will influence the feel of the game. The best computer is use to do research. It has strong computing power and can do many complex works. You must think about which kind of computer you need before you buy it.
Brand is another condition you should think. There have many computer brands you can choose. Such as, Dell, Apple, Thinkpad and Sony. Different brand has different style of computer. Apple’s computer has beautiful appearance but the price is expensive. It is the main stream in computer area. Dell is cheaper than others and the quality is better. They only sell computer on internet. Thinkpad makes business computer better than other company. Sony’s computer is also beautiful but different from Apple’s computer. These can help you choose a good computer.
The kind of computer is the most important reason to choose a computer. Desktop computer is stable with a big screen and the function is stronger than other kind of computer. However, it is difficult to move and need more space. Notebook computer has a small screen with full keyboard and has battery. So, it can work without power supply. Tablet computer is very small and it doesn’t have keyboard but it use touch screen which makes it so special. Different kind of computer has different feature. Which is good for you, it is depends on yourself.
Do you know how to choose a good computer for yourself? Using it to do what, which brand you like, and what kinds of computer you want to buy are three important conditions you have to think about. It can help you find a useful computer with a low price.

Example Essay: Mermaids

There exist vampire, werewolves, witch, spirit, and mermaid, which have weaved a fascinating dreamlike world, in folklores, legends, and fairy tales. Obviously, mermaids that have human faces and tails of fish were a very significant part of the world of dreams thousands years ago, and still are today. From literatures, movies, television shows and arts, the culture world seem obsessed with mermaid, which has even become an element of human culture. Since its birth, mermaid has been created and transformed into many different styles: Assyria mermaid, British Isles mermaid, china mermaid, Greece mermaid, and Andersen’s mermaid. Three of the more popular styles are china mermaid, Greece mermaid, and Andersen’s mermaid.
One of the oldest kind of mermaid written down in Bo Wu Zhi was originated in china in 203 AD, named JiaoRen. JiaoRen, who have arresting beautiful face and soft tail of fish, lives in the South China Sea. When they cry, their tears turn into priceless pearls. They can weave a kind of miraculous fabric called xiao, which is as white as snow, as soft as skill, translucent, and waterproof. Because that, sometimes JiaoRen trades with the residents of land. The fascinating creatures are good at dancing and singing, their habitats are full of music, laughter, and light dancing forever. When they die, their eyes will become beautiful green stones and the rest of their bodies will become bubble. People of land like to capture JiaoRen and raise them as slaves, because their precious productions and their infirm physique.
Another ancient kind of mermaid is Greece mermaid, siren. In Greek mythology, sirens, who were the daughters of river god Achelous, look like mermaid. They were depicted as charming females, alluring sailors to lose their mind and to make ship wrecked with their captivating songs. After the ship sank, the pool sailors would be the delicious food of sirens. Today, their profiles always are transformed into modern mermaids in many films and novels, such as The Lord of The Ring and Harry Potter, who sing sweet songs and have beautiful face.
I think the most well-known mermaid is the little mermaid who was created by Hans Christian Andersen. The little mermaid lived in an underwater kingdom, her skin was as clear as rose-petal, and her eyes as blue as the deepest water. Like other kinds of mermaid, she had a tail of fish. Unlike JiaoRen and siren, she was longing for the world above the sea and owned the same emotions and feelings as human. She fell in love with a prince who lived in land. And she sacrificed her long life and beautiful voice for love and an eternal soul. In the end, even though the prince did not love her and got married with another princess, the little mermaid kept her virtue and love until she dissolved into foam in the sea. People have been deeply moved by the tragic and beautiful story, and the Andersen’s mermaid made an important influence on human conception about mermaid. The little mermaid has already been a chaste, lovely, and beautiful incarnation in the mind of most people. In Denmark, people built a statue for the little mermaid which has become an important symbol of the culture of Denmark.
The legend refer to mermaid appeared in the many different culture, the imaginations are coincidentally similar, but still have some subtle differences. I really don’t know if there exist mermaid in our real word, but I hope so. Normal life sometimes is boring, and this sorts of supernatural creatures let us step to a mysterious and wonderful world.

Example Essay: Kinds of Computer Games

Games have been a witness of my growth, as other people. When I was a child, I always played some puzzles and chess. Now, I have become an IT worker, so I always work on computers. As time goes on, I started to play PC games. I have to say that PC games are very interesting, because they have beautiful pictures, excellent stories and exciting feelings. But, do you know how many styles PC game have? In fact, there are nearly 30 kinds of PC game, such as fighting game, shooting game, simulation game and sport game. Maybe you think every game is similar. I can tell you they all have different game experiences. I will introduce three of the more successful styles: Role-playing game, Adventure game and Real-time strategy game.
One of the older styles of PC game is Real-time Strategy Game. Most people who play games are use to calling it by short name-RTS. The first RTS game was released in 1983. The name is “stonkers”. Now, RTS games have become a kind of most popular game. The most important composition of RTS game is Real-time. That means the game isn’t Turn-based style which players take turns when playing. In Real-time style, all players play simultaneously. Never do you need to wait other players. Usually, RTS games include 2-3 different races, such as human, ghost or other strange races. You need to choose one from them. Then you need control your farmers to collect resources, such as gold, wood and gas. And you will construct some builds by these resources. In the end, your target is bear down your rival by your armies that were produced from your builds. War is the theme of this style game, so you need some strategy to construct your race. Now, the most popular RTS games include Starcraft Ⅱ, Warcraft Ⅲ and Kohan. When you are controlling your armies to fight with other players, you will feel very excited.
Another style of PC game is the Role-Playing Game. You can call it-RPG. If you played some PC games I think you shouldn’t fell unfamiliar with this name. The difference between RPG and RTS is that in an RPG game you only can control one role, but in RTS you always control a lot of armies. You can consider the role who is in the game is you. The special of this style game is story. RPG games always have perfect stories and background, so when you play RPG game, you will feel you live in a new world, and you can change the history for this game. Maybe you also can change the end of the game. In the game, your rivals who we call Bosses always are very strong, so you need to collect the best items and get higher level for fighting with Bosses. The first RPG game was Dungeons and Dragons. Most game players think it’s a classic game, because until now a lot of players play this game which was released in 1970. Now, Diablo, The Elder Scrolls and Might and Magic all are popular games. Every RPG is a legend story, if you want to enjoy it, just do it.
A third style of PC game is the Adventure Game. AVG is the short name for this style. Some players think the RPG and AVG are similar, because you also control a role in AVG like RPG. But I should tell you they are different, because an RPG always pays attention to fighting and story, but AVG pays attention to exploration and puzzle-solving. If you want to finish an AVG game, you must solve a lot of puzzles. Such as move some stones to build a road for walking, figure out some machineries. So if you want to finish the game, you should be patient, because the questions always require you to spend a lot of time on it. Tomb Raider is a older AVG game, I think most people heard this name, maybe from movie. If you have some free time, I recommend you to play Portal2. It’s a very interested game, if you want to finish it, you must to be smart.
Now, PC games have become a most important part of life for young people. But please remember don’t become a game junkie. Even though games always are very interested, they are virtual. Maybe you can change everything in games, but you must pay attention to your really life, because game isn’t your really life. Enjoy it when you have free time, forget it when you should work hard.

Example Essay: Different Family Culture

As two of the biggest countries in the world, China and United States are always compared from different areas. One of the most fundamental aspects is the family culture which influences many fields of the two countries. There are several differences between the two kinds of family culture, such as the fertility policy, the responsibilities of parents and the marriage.

First of all, the One Child Policy, which is enforced by the law of China, is the most different parts from the United States. In the past of China, the first son usually could enjoy more opportunities for education and resources while the other children, especially the girls, even couldn’t go to school because of poverty. But more and more children get benefits on education and opportunities owing to the one child policy while they lost the chance to share their childhood with their brothers and sisters. As a result, most children in China feel lonely so that they share a lot of time with their friends. However, in United States, the families usually have many children so that they can have fun with their brothers and sisters. Meanwhile the children can share equal opportunities on education and resources. Every child is treated equally.

What’s more, the parents in China concern more about the responsibilities of the family, while the American parents concern more about the children’s freedom and interests. Rarely do the parents in China get divorce even though their relationship broke down, whereas in the United States there are many one-parent families. In China it is very common that the parents control their children on almost every area even if they get married. On the contrary, parents in the United State treat their children like friends and don’t limit their children’s hobbies.

Another difference between the two family cultures are the marriage. In China, parents always arrange their children’s marriage and married sons are still lived in the same house with their parents. Parents want their children to marry the suitable families that have the similar social status and education background. While in the United States, never do the parents arrange their children’s marriage. They praise the freedom of love and marriage. And the children usually move away from their parents when they become adults.

In conclusion, family culture is very different between China and the United States including the One Child Policy, the responsibilities of parents and the marriage. But these differences constitute one aspect of the two unique cultures.