Example Essay: Parents and Teachers

       Home and school everyone plays a great part to help generations lean and feel successful. They share their knowledge and expertise with the most care and affection. In spite of parents important role in their son’s life, we can observe that they could not grow their sons lonely. From the ideal point of view , parents and teachers have much in common that both, supposedly , wish things to occur for the best interests of the students , but in fact parents and educators often do not  see eye to eye in how to best raise their kids.

     First of all, parents and teachers support us by listening to our complains, and try figuring out the best solves for that ,however, parents are more patient than teachers. For instance, it does not matter with parents to spend much time with their sons to achieve the best results, but teachers devoid time as it possible. In addition, talking  to parents is easier than teachers, because to talk to your teachers you have to take an appointment or waiting to their free time; contrary to your parents that you can talk to them whenever you can see them.

Secondly, the main difference are seen in this controversial is the flexible. Both parents and educators have the linkages promoted to facilitate the communication between them and their children. On the other hand, When you ask your teacher’s help, they can still be in the best position to offer advice even if you might not accept it. But, your parents will do their best to guide you to the right way even if you do not accept that. For example, some parents punish their sons strongly as a result to that, it leads them automatically to reject any tips from their parents.

Lastly, both of educators and parents effective on the generations either positively or negatively. Generally speaking, parents usually can present only one viewpoint of the world, while good teaching should be based on different attitudes. Thus, when students go to school and have a great diversity of teachers, they learn much more than their parents could probably offer them. Furthermore, once our parents get older, they become more conservative and cannot always be objective in regard to modern trends.

      To sum up , From my perspective, parents are generally the most committed of all teachers and have the greatest emotional investment in their sons and their future. However, in some cases they should share their responsibilities with society such as, the educators. I am so admiring of their good works and advocacy on  behalf of generations, and deeply thankful to them for their trust, candor, wisdom.

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