Example Essay: Kinds of Computer Games

Games have been a witness of my growth, as other people. When I was a child, I always played some puzzles and chess. Now, I have become an IT worker, so I always work on computers. As time goes on, I started to play PC games. I have to say that PC games are very interesting, because they have beautiful pictures, excellent stories and exciting feelings. But, do you know how many styles PC game have? In fact, there are nearly 30 kinds of PC game, such as fighting game, shooting game, simulation game and sport game. Maybe you think every game is similar. I can tell you they all have different game experiences. I will introduce three of the more successful styles: Role-playing game, Adventure game and Real-time strategy game.
One of the older styles of PC game is Real-time Strategy Game. Most people who play games are use to calling it by short name-RTS. The first RTS game was released in 1983. The name is “stonkers”. Now, RTS games have become a kind of most popular game. The most important composition of RTS game is Real-time. That means the game isn’t Turn-based style which players take turns when playing. In Real-time style, all players play simultaneously. Never do you need to wait other players. Usually, RTS games include 2-3 different races, such as human, ghost or other strange races. You need to choose one from them. Then you need control your farmers to collect resources, such as gold, wood and gas. And you will construct some builds by these resources. In the end, your target is bear down your rival by your armies that were produced from your builds. War is the theme of this style game, so you need some strategy to construct your race. Now, the most popular RTS games include Starcraft Ⅱ, Warcraft Ⅲ and Kohan. When you are controlling your armies to fight with other players, you will feel very excited.
Another style of PC game is the Role-Playing Game. You can call it-RPG. If you played some PC games I think you shouldn’t fell unfamiliar with this name. The difference between RPG and RTS is that in an RPG game you only can control one role, but in RTS you always control a lot of armies. You can consider the role who is in the game is you. The special of this style game is story. RPG games always have perfect stories and background, so when you play RPG game, you will feel you live in a new world, and you can change the history for this game. Maybe you also can change the end of the game. In the game, your rivals who we call Bosses always are very strong, so you need to collect the best items and get higher level for fighting with Bosses. The first RPG game was Dungeons and Dragons. Most game players think it’s a classic game, because until now a lot of players play this game which was released in 1970. Now, Diablo, The Elder Scrolls and Might and Magic all are popular games. Every RPG is a legend story, if you want to enjoy it, just do it.
A third style of PC game is the Adventure Game. AVG is the short name for this style. Some players think the RPG and AVG are similar, because you also control a role in AVG like RPG. But I should tell you they are different, because an RPG always pays attention to fighting and story, but AVG pays attention to exploration and puzzle-solving. If you want to finish an AVG game, you must solve a lot of puzzles. Such as move some stones to build a road for walking, figure out some machineries. So if you want to finish the game, you should be patient, because the questions always require you to spend a lot of time on it. Tomb Raider is a older AVG game, I think most people heard this name, maybe from movie. If you have some free time, I recommend you to play Portal2. It’s a very interested game, if you want to finish it, you must to be smart.
Now, PC games have become a most important part of life for young people. But please remember don’t become a game junkie. Even though games always are very interested, they are virtual. Maybe you can change everything in games, but you must pay attention to your really life, because game isn’t your really life. Enjoy it when you have free time, forget it when you should work hard.