Example Essay: Computers

If you want to know what the most important invention is in 20th century, I think all of people will tell you computer. Due to computer, our life style and work style has changed a lot. It makes the world develop faster than before. The first computer is ENIAC and it was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania and began construction in 1943 and was not completed until 1946 /www.computerhope.com/. Nowadays, computer is using in many areas, such as commercial, education, and daily life. It’s an indispensability part of our life. If you plan to buy a computer you should ask yourself use it to do what, which brand you like, and what kind of computer you want to buy.
What will you use your computer do is very important before you buy it you need to consider. There are many different computers and they are used in different area. Some computer use to work. For example, business man always use notebook computer to work and they can take it to everywhere. Due to small and light, it is easy to carry. So, you can take it to everywhere. Many young people use computer to play game. When they choose computer they must consider the performance because the performance will influence the feel of the game. The best computer is use to do research. It has strong computing power and can do many complex works. You must think about which kind of computer you need before you buy it.
Brand is another condition you should think. There have many computer brands you can choose. Such as, Dell, Apple, Thinkpad and Sony. Different brand has different style of computer. Apple’s computer has beautiful appearance but the price is expensive. It is the main stream in computer area. Dell is cheaper than others and the quality is better. They only sell computer on internet. Thinkpad makes business computer better than other company. Sony’s computer is also beautiful but different from Apple’s computer. These can help you choose a good computer.
The kind of computer is the most important reason to choose a computer. Desktop computer is stable with a big screen and the function is stronger than other kind of computer. However, it is difficult to move and need more space. Notebook computer has a small screen with full keyboard and has battery. So, it can work without power supply. Tablet computer is very small and it doesn’t have keyboard but it use touch screen which makes it so special. Different kind of computer has different feature. Which is good for you, it is depends on yourself.
Do you know how to choose a good computer for yourself? Using it to do what, which brand you like, and what kinds of computer you want to buy are three important conditions you have to think about. It can help you find a useful computer with a low price.

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