Example Essay: Different Family Culture

As two of the biggest countries in the world, China and United States are always compared from different areas. One of the most fundamental aspects is the family culture which influences many fields of the two countries. There are several differences between the two kinds of family culture, such as the fertility policy, the responsibilities of parents and the marriage.

First of all, the One Child Policy, which is enforced by the law of China, is the most different parts from the United States. In the past of China, the first son usually could enjoy more opportunities for education and resources while the other children, especially the girls, even couldn’t go to school because of poverty. But more and more children get benefits on education and opportunities owing to the one child policy while they lost the chance to share their childhood with their brothers and sisters. As a result, most children in China feel lonely so that they share a lot of time with their friends. However, in United States, the families usually have many children so that they can have fun with their brothers and sisters. Meanwhile the children can share equal opportunities on education and resources. Every child is treated equally.

What’s more, the parents in China concern more about the responsibilities of the family, while the American parents concern more about the children’s freedom and interests. Rarely do the parents in China get divorce even though their relationship broke down, whereas in the United States there are many one-parent families. In China it is very common that the parents control their children on almost every area even if they get married. On the contrary, parents in the United State treat their children like friends and don’t limit their children’s hobbies.

Another difference between the two family cultures are the marriage. In China, parents always arrange their children’s marriage and married sons are still lived in the same house with their parents. Parents want their children to marry the suitable families that have the similar social status and education background. While in the United States, never do the parents arrange their children’s marriage. They praise the freedom of love and marriage. And the children usually move away from their parents when they become adults.

In conclusion, family culture is very different between China and the United States including the One Child Policy, the responsibilities of parents and the marriage. But these differences constitute one aspect of the two unique cultures.

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