Example Essay: Internet Dating

 In the last decade, the Internet has become a part of our life. More and more people use it for work, entertainment, and finding friends. Some people even meet their girlfriends/boyfriends through Internet. However, I can not agree with this way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends. In my opinion, it is not only a weird but also an unrealistic way.

 Some people may say that they can meet many people all from over the world and the Internet enlarges their social circles. I agree with this point when we talk about enlarging the social circle; but, why can it be right when we are talking about meeting girlfriends/boyfriends? How can I know the person whom I met on the Internet enough? Before I get together with my girlfriend, I need to know her characters, tempers, interests, and even the appearance. Therefore, we need to talk face-to-face and hang out for a while to start a wonderful love story.

 Besides, people who meet their girlfriends/boyfriends on the Internet always say that it is very fast and convenient. They can meet their lover without going out, and just need to spend some time in front of the computer. In fact, this kind of instant love seldom last long. In addition, I wonder the loyalty of the instant love through the Internet. For example, if it just takes few minutes to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend on the Internet; similarly, it is easier to meet another. Hence, I think it is not a good way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends for long-term relationships.

 Finally, many online dating websites, such as Match.com, have become more and more popular nowadays. They declare that the website can help you find the best match for you when typing some keywords just as hobby, height/weight, or skin color, etc. It seems very fancy and convenient. Nevertheless, I think that the most of people search by the appearance at the first time through the profile photos. It seems to encourage people to choose lovers by appearance instead of inside characteristics. Furthermore, how can I tell the truth of the profiles? According to many news reports, more and more frauds occur in the dating website. Some outlaws of the Internet criminals take advantages of people who misunderstand the coming true love, and cheat their money or even bodies. In other words, it is a high risk and an unsafe way to meet girlfriends/boyfriends on the Internet.

 In my opinion, I believe that only through face-to-face talking and hanging-out can I know the person enough to get along with. Although the Internet is convenient to meet people, it is unrealistic and unsafe for a long-term relationship. To sum up, it is not a good place to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend.

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