<<set $good=$good-1>>\n\nBad call. Mr. Walton is so angry, he fails you right then and there!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\n[[Continue| Ending]]
OK, better than speaking your native language, but shouldn't you be working?\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Last Ten Minutes]]
<<set $good =$good-1>>\nYou go out and answer the phone. You're in the hall talking away when Walton comes out to get some paper. He sees you. \n\nYou're busted!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Twenty Minutes Left]]\n
<<set $good = $good +1>>\nGood idea.\n\nYou really understand the passive well now and you will ace your exam!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Twenty Minutes Left]]
<<set $good = 2>>\nYou are a student at ELS in New Haven. Your goal is to pass the session successfully and prove to Walton that you are a good student. \n\n\nRight now your grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\nIt's 9:25. You have five more minutes before LTC begins. You should go to class because Walton is very strict about attendance and lateness. But your friend wants to show you something cool.\n\n\nDo you:\n* [[Go to LTC class]]\n* [[Spend more time with your friend]]
<<set $good=$good+1>>\nGood job for doing what is right.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Middle of class]]\n
That's ok as long as you don't talk for too long.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Last Ten Minutes]]
<<set $good = $good+1>>\nGood job!\n\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\nYour friend laughs at you for being such a loser, but Jim who has been standing behind you the whole time, says he is very proud of you.\nHe gives you a raffle ticket and [[you head back to the LTC exactly on time.|Go to LTC class]]\n
<<set $good =$good+1>>\nGood decision. Every second of learning English is a second of joy!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Last Ten Minutes]]
<<set $good = $good -1>>\nJust as you open up Hotmail, Stephanie comes through the door. Busted!\n\nYou need to resist temptation better.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Middle of class]]
<<set $good=$good+1>>\nGood job. You can feel your brain getting bigger!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue| Ending]]
<<set $good = $good-1>>\nBad call.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\nHe shows you another one involving a cat and a piece of string. It is pretty funny and cute. And even though you're probably late for LTC class, you really want to go outside and smoke and hang out with your friend, instead of wasting time in that stupid computer room. What will you do?\n\n* [[Skip class and hang out with your friend | Skip]]\n* [[Go to class late | Late ]]\n
You've been working on English, when your friend comes over and starts talking to yo in your native language loudly.\nDo you tell him to be quiet and speak in English or do you start blabbing away to him?\n\n*[[Blab in your native language]]\n*[[Blab in English]]\n*[[Talk but quietly]]\n*[[Tell him to go away]]
You enter the room. You want to make sure to get a computer near your friends. But the only free computer is right next to the teacher's computer. You wouldn't be able to talk to your friends if you sat next to the teacher.\n\nAs you look around, you see that there's a student who isn't even in the LTC, sitting rigt next to your buddies. \nDo you:\n\n*[[Take the one near the teacher | Work well ]]\n*[[Tell that guy to leave]]
<<set $good =$good-2>>\nOoh, breaking two rules at once. \n\nYou are so busted!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Last Ten Minutes]]
<<set $good=$good-3>>\nYou hang out outside all class long. In your next class, your friend tells you that Walton marked you absent. \n\nAnd you remember that that was your 5th absence.\n\nAnd it's last Thursday.\n\nNo more bonus labs!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\n[[Continue| Ending]]
<<set $good = $good-1>>\nBad idea.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\nYou and your friend wander off away from the LTC room. He pulls out his iPad and shows you a funny video. The two of you are laughing. He wants to show you another one. You say:\n\n* [[I need to get to LTC class. And you'll be late too]].\n* [[Cool. Let's see it!]]
10:20\n\nYou made it to the end of LTC class. \n\nYour grade is <<print $good>>\n\n<<if ($good gte 4)>>\nYou are the best LTC student ever. You will go on to become the smartest student to ever finish UNH and you will be very rich and famous! Congratulations!\n<<endif>>\n<<if $good gte 3 and $good lt 4>>\nYou are a good LTC student. You can do better though. I'm sure you will have a pretty successful ELS career and go on to do good things.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $good lt 3 and $good gte 1>>\nYou are not a good LTC student, are you? You should be ashamed of yourself. The teachers work so hard and here you are wasting their time. You'll probably repeat the level.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $good lt 1>>\nYou are the worst LTC student in the history of ELS. Which is impressive. You made all the wrong decisions. You probably aren't reading this text right now, because you're on Facebook on your iPhone!\n<<endif>>\nThank you for playing. Feel free to rewind and go back to fix your mistakes!
<<set $good = $good-1>>\nYou tell the jerk sitting next to your friends, "Hey, this is OUR LTC. Get out!"\nWalton hears you and says, "Hey, don't talk so loud. Other people are trying to work. And also, that's the new teacher. Show some respect!"\n\nBad idea to yell at people you don't know!\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n[[Continue|Middle of class]]\n
You start working again when your telephone rings. It's your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you ask to go to the bathroom so you can answer your phone or do you ignore it?\n\n*[[Answer the phone]]\n*[[Ignore it]]
It's the last ten minutes of class. Alyssa's class starts coming in. Do you get up and leave class even though it's not over or do you sit in your seat?\n\n[[Get up]]\n[[Keep working]]\n
<<set $good = $good +1>>\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\nYou decide to sit next to the teacher. You have no choice but to open up the ELS program. You start working on an exercise about the passive case because your teacher told you are weak on passives. \n\nSuddenly Walton gets up to tell some students to be quiet. They start arguing with him. It's a good chance to open your email and write a long email to your mother in your native language. \n\nDo you do it?\n*[[Yes | Write an email ]]\n*[[No | Be good ]]
<<set $good = $good -1>>\nGood decision.\nYou come into class 5 minutes late. Walton saw it. Uh oh.\nYour grade is <<print $good>> out of 4\n\n[[Continue the story|Go to LTC class]]\n